Google Ads Success: 7 PPC Mistakes to Avoid

Whitney Stewart

Learn expert strategies to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and boost conversions. Avoid common pitfalls and achieve PPC success!


In the fast-paced digital landscape, Google Ads has become an essential tool for businesses to drive leads, conversions, and brand visibility. However, many businesses struggle to harness its full potential due to common mistakes in PPC management. At TPP Business Solutions, we've honed our expertise over a decade, helping businesses avoid these pitfalls and achieve outstanding results. In this comprehensive guide, we'll uncover the top 7 mistakes that hinder your Google Ads success and provide actionable recommendations to overcome them.

1) Not Using Ad Groups Properly

Ad group segmentation is critical to target specific audiences effectively. Avoid the temptation to bundle all your keywords into a single campaign, as this leads to broad targeting and generic ad copy. Instead, visually map your campaigns and ad groups, ensuring no more than 15 keywords in each group. This approach ensures focused targeting, driving better engagement and conversions.

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A[Google Ads Account] --> B[Campaign 1]
A --> C[Campaign 2]
B --> D[Ad Group 1]
B --> E[Ad Group 2]
C --> F[Ad Group 1]
C --> G[Ad Group 2]

2) Not Using Correct Keyword Match-types

Selecting the right keyword match-types is pivotal in preventing budget wastage. Begin with Exact Match to ensure precise targeting. Gradually expand to Phrase Match, and avoid Broad Match unless data justifies it. Balancing match-types optimizes ad relevance and reduces irrelevant impressions.

3) Not Using Negative Keywords

Neglecting negative keywords causes ads to show on irrelevant searches, wasting ad spend. Extensive negative keyword research is essential to filter out unwanted impressions. Regularly review search terms reports and identify negative keywords to avoid costly mismatches.

4) Poorly Written Copy In Ads & Landing Pages

Compelling ad copy is vital to entice users and improve quality scores. Incorporate targeted keywords in ad copy and landing pages, addressing user needs. Answer FAQs, provide valuable content, and ensure landing pages align with ad messaging for higher click-through rates.

5) Not Bidding Your Own Brand Terms

Securing the top spot for branded terms in both organic and paid searches is crucial. Bidding on brand terms prevents competitors from ranking above you, boosting clicks and enhancing brand visibility. Strengthen your online presence with dual brand placement.

6) Not Knowing Who You’re Competing Against

Analyze competitors' ad styles and copy to gain insights into effective strategies. Put yourself in the audience's shoes to create compelling ads that stand out. Understand your competition but refrain from clicking their ads to avoid cost implications.

7) Not Directing Visitors to the Appropriate Pages

User relevance is paramount for Google. Ensure your ads lead users to relevant landing pages that match their search intent. Organize ad groups logically, enhancing user experience, and optimizing ad rank and quality score.

Bonus! Not Using Ad Extensions

Leverage ad extensions to provide users with more information, increasing ad rank and quality. Utilize at least 5 of the available extensions to enhance your ad's performance and attract more clicks.


Mastering Google Ads is crucial for businesses seeking online success. Avoiding common mistakes and implementing expert strategies can significantly enhance your PPC campaign's performance. At TPP Business Solutions, we specialize in maximizing PPC management efficiency to drive remarkable results for businesses across the US. Take advantage of our experience and proficiency to propel your organization's growth with successful pay-per-click campaigns. Reach out for a consultation and unlock your Google Ads potential today!

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