FAQ Snippets, Featured Content, and Videos

Whitney Stewart

For SEO and marketers alike, understanding the implications of the May 2022 broad core algorithm update on website visibility within search results is of paramount importance. This update, Google's first core adjustment since November 2021, represents a deliberate effort to enhance the quality of search results by refining the processing of ranking signals.

The outcomes of this update vary significantly, contingent upon the distinct SEO and marketing strategies adopted by individual websites. While the exact mechanics of the update remain shrouded, certain overarching trends warrant careful consideration.

Impact on Prominent Search Features

One noteworthy effect arises from the prominence of snippets, particularly FAQ snippets. These concise responses to user queries or variations thereof have seen a substantial increase of 22 to 27 percent following the implementation of the core algorithm.

Benefits and Strategies for FAQ Snippets

Potential downsides include potential traffic diversion away from websites as users gravitate towards these concise answers. However, this trend also presents opportunities for website owners to capitalize on. Crafting content aligned with the characteristics of FAQ snippets—directness, conciseness, consistency, user-focused structure, simplicity, and incorporation of high-volume keywords—can significantly boost click-through rates and overall search rankings.

Furthermore, utilizing FAQ structured data (FAQ schema) offers a technical framework to enhance the likelihood of your content being featured as an FAQ snippet.

Fluctuations in Featured Snippets

Following the update, featured snippets have displayed oscillatory behavior, marked by notable gains or declines. These information snippets, positioned prominently above standard listings, encompass highlighted paragraphs, lists, tables, bullets, or videos. As featured snippets serve as conduits for substantial organic traffic, these fluctuations hold significant implications for most websites.

Responding to Featured Snippet Dynamics

Websites witnessing a surge in featured snippet visibility can capitalize on this period. Conversely, those experiencing a drop can employ content optimization techniques, leveraging tools like Semrush and SurferSEO, to regain prominence.

Rise of Video Content

A conspicuous trend post-update is the heightened visibility of video content, with an impressive 25% improvement. Video's role in ranking is emphasized, and features such as labeled sections and time-selected video embedding have bridged the perceived gap between written content and videos.

Leveraging Video's Potential

This trend underscores the growing importance of integrating video into content strategies. Organizations yet to embrace video should reconsider, recognizing its potency in enhancing online visibility.

Focus on Quality SEO Content

Amid the nuanced dynamics of the May 2022 update, one principle stands strong: quality content is the cornerstone of success.

The significance of high-quality content cannot be overstated. Regardless of your backlink profile's strength or domain authority, subpar content will hinder your ranking goals.

Elevating Your Content Strategy

To thrive in the post-update landscape, assessing your content's attributes is vital. Key questions to consider include:

  • Is my content comprehensive, covering all relevant aspects?
  • Is it thoroughly researched, reflecting accuracy and authority?
  • Is it free of spelling and grammatical errors, exuding professionalism?
  • Does it align with user intent, offering genuine value?
  • Is it optimized for both search engines and users?

Addressing these questions empowers you to transform your content from adequate to genuinely exceptional.

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